I can't believe what I did the other day... I tried to sit down on the couch and banged the back of my neck on my husband's thick book of cardstock... Wow, did that hurt... I now can't lean my head to the back, barely can turn it to the side and if it happens to fall forward... yeah I better not do that.

I wish I would have looked before sitting down but that would have been too easy. Not only have I had a migraine since then, but it now also hurts all the way down into my back... It sucks and I really wanted to get back into doing my Yoga and Belly Dancing again... Way to go me!!! I already have tendon problems in my left wrist, 2 screws in my right knee and a bad back so whats a little more torment to keep me from being able to work out and get my flexibility back.... This is another reason I hate being 30, I think its nature telling me that I'm old, I really do.

Hopefully, this will stop hurting so I can get back into the things that I love and then I can start to feel as young as my husband.