I actually got creative the past couple of days and worked on some new designs. I finally decided to work up some new Rosary Bracelets and I cranked one out that turned out just amazing. I had thought about doing this style in chainmaille for a while now but I always kept putting it off for one reason or another. I finally sat down and made one in 2 shades of red. I blended red and magenta for a subtle and lovely contrast and I think it came out amazing.

I have a few other color combinations that I am going to be making these in and I can't wait to get the others listed. I thought it was even better to list this piece as "Chained in Faith", as I thought it really carried the theme well. I can not wait to bring out the rest of my line.

I am also getting ready for St. Patrick's day and I will be posting a recipe that has become a tradition with my husband and myself. Since I am Irish and my husband is part Irish, I have to celebrate the holiday the best way I know how... Fixing some yummy Irish treats. So keep an eye out for the recipe which will be coming very soon!