I could not believe how much I accomplished today. I really wanted to get stuff done before these thunderstorms moved in and now I have about 3 projects that are almost done. Now the storm can hit and I don't care...

I have 3 pillows that are hanging up drying. One is a nurse themed pillow and one is Dia de los Muertos themed. They look so good. The third one is Palm trees that I am making for my mom. All they need is to hurry up and dry and then they can be stuffed and then hand stitched on the last side to finish them. My sewing machine decided it was time for me to quit since it kept deciding to throw my bobbin and knotting my thread. I think I can take a hint.

I finished up the Zinnia pillow and just need to get pictures of it and it can be listed. Hopefully I can get some of the ones I worked on today finished up tonight too. Tomorrow, I'm gonna finish what I can't get today and then I'm thinking of working on a Breast Cancer Awareness pillow. I just love the fabric and I'm dying to use it. I have some Halloween fabric too but not sure when I should start to make those pillows. I have such cute fleece fabric with pumpkins and ghosts on it and I really want to use it but I'm afraid I'll end up keeping it for myself.

I'll get pictures up of my finished pieces as soon as I get them done. I've been babying the batteries in my camera in the hopes that they will hold out just a little bit longer. So hopefully will have pics tomorrow if the weather stays as its forecasted to.