Have you seen the changes that are going on in Greensburg, KS since the F5 tornado ripped through? They have stepped up the efforts to make their city "green". The are incorporating all renewable energies and have been taking steps to preserve our Mother Earth.

I have been fascinated by weather and severe storms since I was a little girl. Even to the point that I chased storms and tornadoes. I wanted to see how these things formed and what we could do to better prepare for them.

When I started writing for HandmadeNews.org, I decided to share the important work that Greensburg was doing. I wrote an article for the Green Wise department about this city while it is still rebuilding. The article is called, Changing the Face of Energy and you can read the entire article here: http://www.handmadenews.org/article/index.php?id=853

I wanted to get the word out that even though this city was devestated, they still saw some good that could come out of these trying times. If we, as a whole in humanity, could take a few pointers from this single city, I think this world would be a great deal better. Let's all start giving back and maybe we will start to see some change.