Well, obviously TP is one of those things that everyone has and has to use... But what do you do with it once the paper is gone? Well it can be a cheap and effective cat toy. You have to spend the money for rolls of the stuff anyway so really you aren't loosing any money. Here I will tell you what you can do to reuse the empty roll so you can have a fun toy for your kitties.

Step 1:
Use all the paper, I really don't need to get into details on that one....

Step 2:
Remove the empty tube from the holder.

Step 3:
Take it to the living room and carefully throw it on the floor.

Step 4:
Find the chewed, shredded and soggy remains a week later, most likely under the covers of your bed.

There you go, that's it. Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce. (since I will guarantee that the tube will have been reduce to shreds)