Since I have not done a giveaway before, I have determined that now is as good as any to get with the program and do one. So from today until the 15th of May you can enter to win a pair of Chainmaille earrings.

Here's how it works:

What you can win:

These earrings are in my Twisted Flowers line. They are a mobius flower made with twisted wires. They are 2 inches in length. This particular style is pierced but don't despair if you need clip-ons, that can be arranged with no problem...

When will you pick a name:
The last day for entries will be May 15th. I will pick a name randomly on May 17th. This will give me a day to go through everything and put it into a generator to choose a name randomly.

How do I get an entry:
This is the fun part because there are several ways to get 1 and even up to 3 entries...

1 entry - Check out my Photography blog and leave a comment about one of my photos (I will be adding to it during this time.). There will be a maximum number of 5 comments/entries.

1 entry - Blog about the giveaway

2 entries - Blog about me or my shop

2 entries - Purchase something from my Artfire shop

3 entries - Since it's almost Mothers Day, if you purchase something from my mom's shop at you get 3 entries....

Plus, guess what, your entries are accumulative... so this means if you blog about me today and leave a comment on a photo on my blog tomorrow, you get the entry for each for a total of 3 entries... make sense...

How do I know if I have won:
This has the potential to be fairly tricky... I will announce the winner here on May 17th. However, please leave me some way to find you to let you know if you have won. Such as if you are on Plurk or Artfire, leave me your username. If you are not on these then leave me some way to get a hold of you... Any questions can be directed to me by commenting here or you can email me through my ArtFire shop.

What are the sites that I need:
Okay, here is the list of sites that you may need for the above entries,
My blog:
My Artfire shop:
My mom's Artfire shop:

Blogging about me or giveaway:
If you do any kind of blog post, comment here with the link and I will credit you the appropriate entries.